Power Team Gym


Power Team Gym – 2016 Season Results

Winter Fest Competition- Level 4 – First Place

Winter Fest Competition – Level 3 – First Place

Level 3 & Level 4 qualified for Nationals



About the Team…

Power Team Gym is a team where athletes of all afes compete together as a group of 6 to 12 gymnasts. Various gymnastics equipment is used such as the floor, mini trampoline, spring board, and vault. A synchronized floor routine is performed consisting of tumbling passes and partner trick. Power Team Gym gives every an opportunity to participate in the sport gymnastic at a competitive level. Power Team Gym members will be placed on a level based on their skill assessment. We are proud to have two experience coaches who have tremendous succes with their teams.

Not Too Late to Join!!!

Free trials are available all summer long for those who are interested in Power Team Gym. Please call the gym for more details.