Female gymnast performing handstand, elevated view
20010823 SPT GYMNASTICS 11
In the mid-level competitive gymnastics class, these kids do their finishing pose on the balance beam at Aloha Gymnastics World.  PHOTO BY DENNIS ODA.  AUG. 23, 2001.  72C41571.
Camera:   DCS620X
Serial #: K620X-01157
Width:    1728
Height:   1152
Date:  8/23/01
Time:   18:12:26
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FW Ver:   3.2.3
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Sharpening Requested:No (Preferences)
Counter:    [31571]
Shutter:  1/60
Aperture:  f3.2
ISO Speed:  400
Max Aperture:  f2.8
Min Aperture:  f22
Focal Length:  23
Exposure Mode:  Shutter priority AE (S)
Meter Mode:  Color Matrix
Drive Mode:  Continuous High (CH)
Focus Mode:  Continuous (AF-C)
Focus Point:  Center
Flash Mode:  Normal Sync
Compensation:  +0.0
Flash Compensation:  +0.0
Self Timer Time:  10s
White balance: Preset (Fluorescent)
Time: 18:12:26.491
Female Gymnast Pauses In A Handstand At The Top Of Uneven Bars

The USAG compulsory team is a very dedicated group. IT is considered by many to be the most difficult competitive gymnastics organization in the United States. Any with the courage and dedication needed to compete at this level should be commended! We spend countless hours training strength, flexibility and the basics of gymnastics so that each child has the opportunity to be successful. They compete on the four women’s artistic events vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. Each event requires a unique set of skills that can only be acquired from hard work. We are proud to have on staff two exceptional coaches with over 20 years of experience each. This team does require an evaluation for placement. Practices are 3 to 4 time per week, depending on the level.

The first segment: Developmental Levels 1 and 2 and are used as a non-competitive and achievement-oriented program for our gym’s pre-team program and recreational program.


The second segment: Compulsory Levels 3, 4, and 5. These levels are progressive in nature, building upon the skills required at the previous levels.


The third segment: Optional Levels 6-10. Levels 6, 7, 8, and 9 have difficulty restrictions, while Level 10 has no restrictions in the skill choice. Composition is evaluated at Levels 8, 9, and 10.  


We offer competitive opportunities for Level 3 and up to the USA Gymnastics State Championships.  This team is individual competition on all 4 events.

Congratulations to:

Sarah Hills – 2nd Place All-Round in 12 & older age group Level 7

Pheobe Woo – 1st Place All-Round in 7&8 age group Level 7

Congratulation to All of our girls for qualifying for States