Children's Gymnastics

Tumble Bear is our preschool program that teaches real gymnastics to ages 5 and under:

 Each class focuses on a specific position and practices that skill with incentives that help them take pride in their accomplishment.

(20-36 months) – These are Mommy or Daddy-n-me classes in which parents participate.  Wear your workout clothes as you and your child will learn gymnastics and play together in various exercise activities.  Our main goal in this class is to have fun while exploring a wide variety of movement concepts and skills in a safe and positive learningenvironment.  (45 minute class)

(3 year olds) – This class is for 3 year olds ready to leave mom and be on their own in a class.  Our main goal for this level is to have fun while learning basic gymnastics positions and skills such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and beginner skills on all equipment.  (45 minute class)

(4&5 year olds) – This level will focus on having the children begin to master basic skills, such as:

 Floor –  Cartwheels, Bridges, Handstands, Front and Back Rolls

Bars – Front Support, Straddle up, Front Roll Dismount, Shimmy

Beam – Front and Back Walking, Scales, Small Jumps, Basic Mounts and Dismounts

Vault – Squat and Straddle On

Our School Aged Levels Progress as follows:

 Level 1A: Hanstand, Cartwheel, Round-off, Bridge, Squat & Straddle on vault, Bean drills on high and low beam, Cartwheels on low beam, basic bar skills and strength.

Level 1B: Master 1-handed cartwheel, handstand, bridge, running round-off, master backbend, backbend kickover, cartwheel on beam, pullover on bars, jump to high bar and swining elements.

Level 2A: Backwalkover, basics of back handspring, front handspring, backhip circle, high bar, strong cartwheel on beam, handstand flatback on vault.-Call for more information

 Level 2B: Running roundoff back handspring, aerials, back tuck and layout, back walkover on beam, front handspring on vault and glide kips on bars.-Call for more information

 Tumbling: Boys and girls who want to work on tumbling not only for gymnastics but for any sport! Work on the floor, trampoline, and tumble track. Tumbling classes are highly reccomended for Cheerleaders especially if you need help with BHS, tucks, layouts or higher skills. All classes are broken up for ability.